Dear friends!
We welcome you to the web site of Lato, the official Centre for Greek Culture & language of Amsterdam.
Lato was established in Amsterdam in 2016 and from then until now its biggest strength comes from the love of the residents of this country for Greece.
At Lato we organize language courses, workshops, seminars and a series of cultural events (music evenings, book presentations etc) through which we aim to make known the unknown side of a known touristic destination.

“Greece remains an idea that lives through her culture”.

We look forward to exploring this idea together!

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Greek Carnival

February is the month of Carnaval. In Greece Carnaval is called also Apokries , it means “abstaining from meat” and its purpose is to prepare man mentally for Easter and Resurrection. The origin of Greek Carnival February is the month of Carnaval. In Greece Carnaval
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Greek Valentines & Carnival …

The inhabitants of Amorgos do not wait for Valentine’s Day to express their love. They always  do it with Carnival, thanks to a very old tradition which is called the “Captain” (=Kapetanios). Amorgos: A Valentine comes always in Carnival! Every year, all the young people
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Playing or organising?

We talk about colours, we organise everything and make our space more beautiful. The current project seems to be difficult but Creative Kids like challenges and of course creativity. We praten over kleuren, we ruimen alles op en maken onze ruimte mooi. Het project van
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The March with two faces

“Keep wood for March, so not to burn the fence-poles”  is a known Greek proverb. But what made March so unpredictable?  …
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