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We welcome you to the web site of Lato, the official Centre for Greek Culture & language of Amsterdam.
Lato was established in Amsterdam in 2016 and from then until now its biggest strength comes from the love of the residents of this country for Greece.
At Lato we organize language courses, workshops, seminars and a series of cultural events (music evenings, book presentations etc) through which we aim to make known the unknown side of a known touristic destination.

“Greece remains an idea that lives through her culture”.

We look forward to exploring this idea together!

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Words of wisdom from a wine-drinker


A bit of wine, a bit of sea and my boyfriend … as an old Greek song says! No coincidence, of course, since wine is inextricably linked with the Greek tradition and diet. The fact that Greece was by tradition an agricultural society is certainly not without importance.
This way, the wine was connected with traditional rituals, religion and of course culture and language. Infinite expressions, proverbs but also everyday expressions which are used in various circumstances are inspired by the drink of Dionysus! We will mention just a few, very characteristic ones. And of course, if you know more or other similar in your own language, feel free to send them to us. Maybe this will be a new inspiration for a new webblog.
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Red Easter eggs: What are the hidden symbolisms and why are they red?

One of the most popular Easter customs is the painting of the eggs on Holy Thursday. May be in recent years the eggs are painted in different colors, though the tradition wants them red. It is a fact that there were colored eggs in antiquity, in Rome, in Greece, China, Egypt, as gifts at spring festivals with rabbits, which are the symbol of fertility.
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Women and their role in ancient Greece and Rome

Women and their role in ancient Greece & Rome.

How women were perceived in Ancient Greece has been a subject of much fascination amongst historians. Part of the fascination lies in the contrast between two of the most prominent city-states – Athens and Sparta. Athens didn’t look as favorably upon women as Sparta did.
In fact, while Athenian women were considered lower than slaves, Spartan women were independent and could even own property. Aside from those two contrasting viewpoints, there are some generalities that can be made. Here is an overview of the role women played in Greek society and how they navigated those roles.
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Lake Ziros, an undiscovered Paradise

According to a folk legend two sisters, one rich and one poor, were in dispute with each other because of the plump children of the poor one who were fed with the leftovers of the rich. Eventually a rupture occurred in the relation of two sisters and the poor left her house in order to start a new life far away on the mountains.
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Pelion Confidential

What happens at Pelion stays at Pelion!

It was a beautiful day in mid-October. Although the autumn had made its presence clear enough during the previous weeks,something which made the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs look very dark and melancholic, this year we were very lucky and the weather was absolutely summer-like.
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